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Monday, 17 October 2011

Chai Latte

mm.... my love for Chai Latte grows stronger everyday :]


Friday, 7 October 2011

Borsch Vodka and Tears Cafe/Restaurant

Borsch Vodka & Tears POLISH CUISINE!
During the Afternoon!

"Bar area~ Magazines, muffins and cashier"





 "I ordered their Gypsy soup it comes with Rye Bread (Vegetarian)" 





During the Evening~
 "The mood completely changes during the night! It's really quite amazing :)"

"There's an outdoor area for those nice days even on cold days it's a great place to sit and relax (They have heaters)"



"special Tea (alcoholic)" 

"Polish Beer"

"I ordered Atlantic Salmon (It was so delicious) came with a little salad fresh cherry tomatoes and mashed potatoes! There was also slices of grapefruit" :D We ordered 4 other dishes as well but I didn't have time to take photographs cause everyone was so hungry :P We ordered vegetarian dumplings, barbeque sausages...

IT WAS SOO GOOD!!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT! It's also at a great location (CHAPEL STREET) :) 

I took tons of the cafe/restaurants interior because I love how they decorated the place and wanted to share it with you all :) Besides it's good to get an idea of the interior before going~ right? :)


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Where Science meets Sweetness ;)

Burch and Purchese Sweet Desert Studio
Visited my sister today at the place she works :)

I didn't take a photo of the entrance (it was quite a cloudy day) so I got this picture off the internet! :)
I love this LOGO :) Perfect for a Sweet Studio! Elegant but Quirky!

**The rest of the images I took! :) 
(Please don't take these images without contacting me ;)) 

"Blood Orange Crisps"~ Beautiful isn't it? :]
That's me sister :) Doesn't she look super cute in that pink apron hehe :)  

"Where science meets sweetness" 

"Edible wall art" 

"Always testers for you to try" YUM!

"BANANA MILK CHOCOLATE- Bendy choccy fun" :D I'm getting this next time!!!



Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

(03) 9827 7060
South Yarra/Toorak
647 Chapel Street
South Yarra, 3141

Check this place out! You won't be disappointed :)
Rating on Tsi Tsu scale! 5/5

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Snow Flake ice (STWA BING)

Snow Flake ice is AWESOME!!!
Anyone who comes to Taiwan should try this as well! Every store is different :) This one I'm about to introduce to you is a LOCAL TAIPEI favorite!

In Korea they have "bing shu" but it's alot different from Taiwanese one. You can't really choose the topping in Korea..."bing shu" is "bing shu" It's always about the same taste.

In Taiwan however there are tons of flavors to choose from!
They have sweet stuff, sour stuff and fruity stuff.

They have hand made toppings as well! Taiwanese love "QQ" stuff meaning "Chewy" things!
I'll post up pictures soon!!

Monday, 5 October 2009


OK PPL if you EVER I mean EVER come visit Taiwan! You have to EAT Mala HOT POT!!!
(Mala huo guo).

Here's a recent one I went to! VERY famous! It is called "lan ji" Blue G hahahahahhaa....anyways it's not one of those "all you can eat restaurants" like a lot of the other Mala hot pot places. BUT!!! This place is known for it's quality! It has opened for alooong time! Very famous, been on TV and Mags!

You can choose: Spicy Hot pot, Plain Hot pot (well not that popular cause whats the point of going to a spicy hot pot place without getting it right?) and the very popular half/half pot which is the one you see in the picture. Spicy/plain :)

You can choose the spiciness. xiao la (small hot), zhong la (medium spicy) and Da la (big spicy) haha all direct translations :)

Usually there are already tofu (dong do fu) and duck blood/pigs blood (Those jelly brownish/ purple blobs).

The most traditional way to eat the spicy hot pot is with:

White vinegar and spring onions. Simple sauce.
The vinegar takes away the greasiness and makes the meat sweeter.

My personal sauce is a lot spicier and sweeter!!!
I usually use coriander (unfortunately at this place they don't offer it!!!)
so It would be....1.) Spring onions, 2.) Some sugar, 3.) 1-2 table spoon of freshly chopped chili, 4.) few drops of sesame oil (depends on my mood, it makes the sauce smell nice) and lastly White vinegar!!! :D